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all things pumpkin

October 12, 2009

Fall is my favorite season, partly due to the seasonal producce selections.  I love me some pumpkin!  I used to buy my pumpkin in a can until I realized how cheap, easy, and delicious it is to roast a fresh pumpkin. As an added bonus, the house smells amazing while it cooks. I roasted a big ole’ Muscade de Provence last Friday. I usually freeze some puree but I decided I would just make all things pumpkin over the course of the weekend.

First there was soup, which was enjoyed for dinner and a couple lunches . . .


followed by some lovely oatmeal . . .


and Sunday morning vegan muffins . . .  DSCF0419

I am always a little nervous to freestyle bake but the muffins turned out great, moist and flavorful.  Recipe to come . . .

And in keeping with the theme, the husband and I indulged in a little organic pumpkin brew . . .


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