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January 2, 2010

During my first few years of practicing yoga, I exclusively practiced Ashtanga yoga.  When I started teaching, I taught Ashtanga.  I had taken ballet for 15 years and Ashtanga provided the physical discipline I missed, and craved, without the competition.  I loved that my body always knew which pose was next and my mind was free as I intuitively flowed with my ujjayi breath. 

After I had my son, I had trouble finding the time to devote to my daily Ashtanga practice.  My yoga practice became a few sun salutations here, some forward folds there, and a quick balancing posture in between.  As my practice became more scattered and daily life more scheduled with our new addition, I found myself drawn to vinyasa and Anusara classes when I made it to a class or workshop. 

My experience as a mother made me relish in the unpredictable aspects of life and opened up my yoga practice in so many ways, no matter what style I am practicing.   

Being a mom has also made me a better teacher, but more on that another day;)

I’ll leave you with a couple photos.  I never take pictures of myself practicing yoga but I was really interested to see what adjustments I need to make when looking at these pictures. 

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