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the simple life

January 6, 2010

Lately my head has been spinning. I’ve got some important decisions to make. I keep second guessing myself. Why is it so hard to follow your heart? Even when I clearly know what I want, I have such a hard time going with my gut. How do you learn to trust yourself and stop worrying about other people’s expectations and the possibilities of failure and regret?

When I am stressed I crave yoga and simple food. Last night I just wanted something warming and easy on my tummy. So I trusted my gut for a change (baby steps) and made rice with beans, kale, and tahini sauce for dinner.

I cooked the brown rice in a stock pot.  When it was almost done cooking I added curly kale (stems removed, cut into bite size pieces) and replaced the cover on the pot to steam the kale.  Five minutes later I removed the cover and added a can of rinsed black beans.  I mixed tahini, water lemon, juice, and nutritional yeast in bowl until is was smooth.  Then I mixed the sauce right into the pot and dinner was ready.  I always make enough to have leftovers for lunch the next day.

A little early morning yoga left me feeling much more grounded today and I even took a small step towards following my heart:)

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