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stress relief

January 10, 2010

This weekend has been all about stress relief for me.  Yesterday started with a green smoothie and an anusara workshop.  The smoothie was fabulous.  Banana, swiss chard, almond butter, almond milk, carrots, nutritional yeast, and a splash of pomegranate juice.

Then I was off to the workshop.  I have had really mixed experiences with anusara.  To quell my chatter, be fully present, and move fluidly with my breath I need my practice to flow and preferably end up dripping with sweat.  Everyone is different, that’s just me.   I’ve been to some anusara classes and workshops that have been inspirational.  Others have left me unfulfilled.  This workshop was lead by two instructors.  The first instructor I was really able to tune into and enjoyed her portion of the class.  I would definitely like to work with her again.  The second instructor was not so much my thing. 

I stopped at Whole Foods for a salad on my way home and had my first ever kombucha .  The price has always scared me away (I don’t know why, I can definitely ignore the price for other food purchases!).  Honest Kombucha was on sale so I bought a lemon ginger.  It was pretty good.  The floating blob was a little weird but not enough to deter my consumption.

When I got home, my boy and I spent the rest of the afternoon testing out recipes from my new Vegan YumYum cookbook.  We started by making vegan donuts, which the boy sprinkled with organic sprinkles.  Not the healthiest snack but my boy had a blast glazing and sprinkling them with me. 

We ate popcorn while we baked.  This led to a food epiphany for me.  Chocolate covered popcorn.  Enter the next phase of stress relief.

We finished our evening of cooking with actual nutrients.


For dinner, we had African Yam soup, also from the Vegan YumYum cookbook.  It was delicious and I happily have leftovers for a couple work lunches.

Tomorrow should be the culmination of my stress.  I have a couple of meetings that make me a little nervous.  Hopefully the outcome will be in my favor and I’ll have some exciting news to share!

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