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salsa love

January 12, 2010

When I can, I prepare Monday’s dinner on Sunday so I can just throw it in the oven when I get home.  That way I get a home cooked meal, can play with my boy while dinner cooks, and there is only one pan to clean.  Makes Mondays seem just a little bit better:-) 

This week I made burritos for my easy Monday dinner.  On Sunday I roasted a butternut squash (cut in half, seeds and pulp removed) and scraped the cooked squash from the skin into a bowl.  I added a can of rinsed black beans, 3 cups of baby spinach, and a little cumin, oregano, salt, and pepper (I would have added cayenne, chili, and/or chipotle if I wasn’t feeding it to a 2 year old). 

I had my husband roll the filling into brown rice tortillas.  I am the worst at stuffing tortillas.  I always use too much filling and then the tortilla breaks.  I cooked them at 350 degrees for a half an hour.

My husband requested sour cream (or a dairy free alternative) for the burritos.  He got a container of plain coconut milk yogurt.  He was happy with the substitution.  Yes, I am a lucky girl:-)  I had mine with half a jar of chipotle salsa.  I broke my burrito removing it from the pan (maybe I’m just not meant to eat pretty burritos?), so I did not take a picture of my salsa covered burrito, but trust me it was glorious . . .

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