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weekend getaway

February 8, 2010

The little boy spent Saturday night at my in-laws, and the husband and I took full advantage by heading to Boston for the night.

Before we dropped the boy off, I made muffins for breakfast.  I used spelt flour, oats, mashed banana, peanut butter, rice milk, and chocolate chips.

By the time I remembered to take a picture only the evidence remained.

Then we were off.  We went to the Prana Café for a late lunch, our first raw food restaurant experience.  The restaurant was colorful and bright, with big windows and high ceilings.  Being the lame old married couple we are, we ordered the same thing: a Prana Burger and a Green Lemonade.  The burger was served on onion bread with a side of kale chips.

We were both impressed with our burgers, though I think the big piece of romaine was a bit of a distraction visually and flavor-wise.  I wish we ordered different entrees and juices though, so we could have tasted more.  We decided to share a dessert and went with the macaroons, which were decadent and delectable.

After we checked into the hotel, I dragged my hubby to his first yoga class.  He’d done yoga with me at home but never stepped foot into a yoga studio.  We went to a class at Baptiste.  I had never been to an official Baptiste studio before and was surprised at how hot the room was.  It was definitely quite a bit warmer than the hot vinyasa classes at my home studio.

The class was packed; there were only a few inches between each mat.  The teacher was lighthearted and taught a fun class.  We both got our serious sweat on.  I was happy to have my husband share in my passion for 90 minutes and he enjoyed the experience.

I try to always explore yoga studios when I travel.  I love practicing in new spaces, experiencing different teachers, and joining in the energy of the community.  As a bonus, I often pick up a new trick or two to bring to the classes I teach.

After yoga we quickly showered and dressed, and headed out to meet one of my high-school friends and her husband at Lineage for dinner.  I didn’t bring my camera, but our food was pretty fabulous.  We had a blast, talking about our kids, while enjoying a leisurely meal without them :-). I had one glass of wine and about four glasses of water at dinner, since I was still rehydrating from yoga.

After dinner we shared in my hubby’s passion: music.  We went to the last show on the Tea Leaf Green tour.  I drank a beer, danced, and asked myself why we didn’t see music more often.  I did feel old seeing all the Boston college students, though.

We slept in (aka past 6am) this morning.  We took advantage of passing Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods on the way home, and took care of our weekly grocery shopping.   I was hoping to score a bag of the Mary’s Chipotle Sticks I saw on the Fitnessista’s blog at Whole Foods, but they didn’t have them.

Even without any sticks and twigs, we had a pretty fabulous weekend ;-).

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  1. February 9, 2010 1:21 pm

    What a great trip! Prana looks right up my alley, especially the dessert portion.

    It must have been freezing! You are very brave. 🙂


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