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natural beauty

February 25, 2010

It’s been a while . . . I have been super busy and have not had a chance to blog.  I meant to write a Valentine’s post, but I never got to it.  So, I’ll spare you from a Valentine’s recap.  I will tell you we all enjoyed raw vegan fudge hearts (dates, cocoa powder, agave, walnuts, coconut oil) topped with organic sprinkles.   No the sprinkles weren’t raw but they were organic and vegan. 😉  The Let’s Do Organic sprinkles are colored with vegetable juice, which are less vibrant than conventional sprinkles, but they have a lovely natural beauty all of their own, no?

Lucky for me, my hubby appreciates the natural look.  We were watching the Kardashians last weekend and he told me he think I’m prettier than any of the K’s.  Of course I doubt I’d find another man that agreed with him, but his flattery confirms that I couldn’t have found a better match. 🙂

I like the natural look, on say Alicia Silverstone or Natalie Portman . . . but for myself, I need a little “brightening.”  I do achieve this “brightening” as naturally as possible though ;).  I have tried a ton of natural beuty products and have found a lot of brands I love.  I love Suki (especially the tinted moisturizer), Pangea (body wash), and Aubrey (shampoo & conditioner) .

The only problem with buying beauty products that are theoretically fit for human consumption is the cost.  So last weekend I decided to give myself a homemade facial.

I started with a facial steam.  I boiled a covered pot of water with ginger and cardamom.  I moved placed the pot on a potholder on the counter and used a towel as a tent over my head to steam my face for about a minute.

I had prepared a mask of local honey and sugar for after the steam.  I left the masque on for about 10 minutes, while I drank lemon water and read yoga journal for the full spa experience.

I rinsed of the mask and rubbed coconut oil on my face as a moisturizer.  I have sensitive skin and find that “oil-free” moisturizers cause my to break out, while natural oils do not.  I have used olive and grapeseed oil on my face frequently.  I had only used coconut oil on my body (especially on my tummy when I was pregnant).  But a little bit worked wonderfully as a moisturizer and I have been using it on my face every night since.

My homemade facial left my skin amazingly soft.  I love that everything I used truly was food grade and I definitely plan on experimenting more!

I’ll leave with a question.  I would love to find a natural mascara.  Anything I have tried has been horribly clumpy and smudging.  Any suggestions?

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