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March 4, 2010

Late last week I went on a business trip.  I have a hard time leaving my boys, but my trip did have a few positive aspects.  I finally found a bag of these:

Yum!  I also tried kombucha again, and liked it a lot better the second time around.  Last time, I had lemon ginger.  This time it was “gingerade.”

The most exciting part of my trip was attending a lecture given by the incredible Christine Northrup.  I have read Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom cover to cover multiple times.  My copy of the book speaks for itself.

In person, Dr. Northrup was everything I expected: gorgeous, confident, funny, and quick.  She started off the lecture with a sincere apology to all the women whose ovaries she had removed as a “precautionary” measure in her residency.  She went on to discuss a wide range of topics from how we perceive pain, to c-section rates, to the remarkable discovery of stem cells in menstrual blood.  She also spoke about how our culture associates aging with the negative aspects like wrinkles, memory-loss, and disease.  Dr. Northrup pointed out that in cultures that focus on the positive aspects of aging, the elderly tend to have fewer age-related complaints.  I love the idea of wholeheartedly embracing each day, each year, and the wisdom that naturally follows.

I had hoped to catch a yoga class on my trip, but between the weather and my packed schedule, the only yoga I managed to fit in was in my hotel room with a Dave Farmar podcast.  It was still a nice change from following my own lead, but not quite the same as practicing with a community.

The best thing about being away is coming home.  My little boy was asleep by the time I got home, but my hubby greeted me with a rose.  We sat on the couch and watched Iron Chef, while drinking wine and eating take-out pizza (spinach, broccoli, mushroom, no cheese, on whole wheat crust).  It was a pretty perfect night. 🙂

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