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March 29, 2010

So my upper back got worse and worse.  I think it’s my fault, because as soon as I started feeling better I did a few too many vinyasas (and there may have been some sculpting as well).  I learned my lesson though; last Thursday I could hardly move.  A few months ago my doctor left her practice and I found a new family practitioner, who happened to be an osteopathic doctor.  DO’s tend to be more open to natural approaches, so I thought she would be a good fit for me.  I had a physical when I became her patient, but had not been back until last Thursday.  I was hesitant to go, since taking pills is not my thing.
I am so happy I gave in and went to the doctor! At the appointment she worked on my back for about 20 minutes and my range of motion was a bit better immediately.  She showed me some stretched to do twice a day.  She also made a lot of great self-care suggestions.

– lying on a tennis ball or sitting with it pressed against the painful muscle to open it
– microwaving a moistened towel and applying, the combination of heat and pressure from the rolled up towel really helped to relieve the pain
– using a muscle rub

After my appointment the boys and I stopped by a local healthfood store to grab some muscle rub and some lunch.  I got a spicy hummus wrap, made there, but my husband chose some vegetarian sushi made elsewhere.
Brave man!  Would you try a vagetable roll?

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