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grocery shopping on an empty stomach

March 30, 2010

Is a very very band idea.  It’s actually good for my husband since I buy a lot of treats, bad for our son’s college fund.  Hopefully all the brain food will win him a scholarship.
My splurges began innocently enough.  We were out of cocoa powder and I needed it for the Easter dessert I will be making.  So I splurged on the raw stuff, and happened to simultaneously slip some cocoa nibs into the cart.  Oooops. 

My next stop was in the frozen section.  Since I had the cocoa nibs, I figured coconut ice-cream was a natural complement.

And while I was buying sweets, I bought my current favorite brand of dates. So juicy and delicious!

The next splurges are mu hubby’s favorite: “meat” and “cheese.” I don’t buy a lot of meat replacements (though I will admit I buy this “cheese” every week and have no plans of stopping anytime soon). 
The ingredient list is as impressive as it gets for a stand in.
The ingredient list for the sausages isn’t bad either.  They are a form of seitan, gluten based. None of us seem to be sensitive to gluten, and we like the protein boost occasionally.

And apparently when I’m hungry, I also buy extra non-food items. Face wash from the best cosmetics company.

Organic peat pots to start some of our seeds.

When my shipping spree was over, I stopped for a green juice on the way home.  Maybe next time, I should consider fueling up first?

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