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breakfast for a little tummy

March 31, 2010

I strive to be a laid back parent. It can be hard . . . I work full-time, am slowly taking classes that hopefully will eventually result in a graduate degree, and am pretty type A to boot. I try to see things from toddler eyes and pick my battles.
When it comes to food, I have no clean your plate mandates. I think it’s important that he honors his hunger cues. I serve him smaller portions so we don’t waste a lot of food, and he is never shy to ask for more. I also let him decide from a few healthy choices for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. I like us all to eat the same dinner together, but if he tries the family meal and absolutely doesn’t like what we are eating I’ll offer an alternative like hummus, seed crackers, and carrots.
He made some pretty good breakfast choices this weekend. Saturday he picked a banana and peanut butter with a green monster (with some of the raw cocoa powder I bought).

On Sunday he wanted Green Pancakes. I wanted steel cut oats so I made a pancake for 1 with ground oats, tahini, spinach, almond milk, and a date. He had a drizzle of honey on top and fresh squeezed orange juice.

He goes through phases where he wants a lot of one or two foods, but other times he naturally includes a lot of variety in his diet. At my dad’s birthday party he was the only one who actually ate the organic, locally grown edible flowers on top of the cake. I took it as a sign that he must know what’s good for him. 😉
For all the green living mama’s out there I have a really fun post coming soon!

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