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not just a drying rack

January 8, 2011

My husband got out of bed before I did yesterday, which never ever ever happens. I figured he was just getting water. But then I heard the familiar beeping of the elliptical. I went downstairs and looked at him funny. After his turn I hopped on with my school book in hand (trimesters don’t leave nearly enough time for a proper winter break by the way).

Matt had set the elliptical to a resistance program so I just rolled with it. I started out fine, happily reading away. The machine beeped increasing the resistance after only two minutes, and I figured I was going to get a better work out than usual. But then it happened again, and again. Eventually I had to put my book down.

Recently the elliptical has been my reading corner/yoga mat drying rack (fyi: the handles are a great place to hang yoga mats to dry quickly after washing). Apparently I can get a pretty good workout on it too.

And apparently Matt is in better shape than I thought. Despite the lack of exercise in his life in the past couple months, he barely broke a sweat on the same program that had me huffing and puffing. Maybe because of his larger muscle mass?  Maybe because he runs around an industrial kitchen like a 3-year old mad man eleven hours a day while I sit at a desk?

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